Truffles top the list of culinary delights!

Those of us who have ever had the opportunity to savour truffles, thinly shaved and sprinkled over a salad know how delectable and just down right yummy they can be! However not everyone’s taste runs to the gourmet style of cooking that incorporates mushroom into the mixture. Truffles tend to be an either love or hate specialty, meaning that what becomes one person’s “guilty pleasure” may well be another’s “thanks but no thanks”! Found growing either above or beneath the ground, usually in moist climates, truffles are a mushroom that is uncommon and uncommonly good. Truffle oil found in gourmet dishes around the world

The oil that is derived from truffles is considered to be a gourmet’s delight and is quite heavily used in many dishes that demand high prices in quality restaurants far and wide. While the oil is lower in cost than the solid truffle itself, it is considered to be a valuable asset to many dishes, adding a delectable and delicate flavouring that olive oil or vegetable oil cannot provide. The aroma is pronounced and obvious when heated, making any dish it is incorporated into more costly (on the menu) even though there is little added cost to the chef or restaurant. When added to vodka the truffle oil becomes somewhat of an aphrodisiac type drink that is highly prized by connoisseurs of high quality spirits.

The question has been asked as to how a simple fungus can be so tasty

Mushrooms have a tradition of adding much in the way of flavour to almost any dish or meal. Of the many types of mushrooms known to man the truffle is perhaps the most desirable due to its notable flavours and aromas. There are several popular types of truffle including:

1. Black Truffles (Perigord) or Tuber melanosporum are found in the Perigord region of France. The commonly grow beneath oak and hazelnut trees and are somewhat milder in flavour than the more common white truffle. They are large, with a pleasant odour, and frequently found finely shaved over salads, soups, and dishes containing eggs.

2. White Truffles also known as Alba Madonna (Tuber magnatum) may be found most often in regions of northern Italy, near the city of Alba for which they get their name. Small and pale in colour, white truffles may also be brown or cream coloured often with white marbling. Stronger in flavour than the black truffle, whites are also best served thinly shaved and sprinkled in or over fried eggs, salads, pasta dishes, and added to buttery sauces.

3. A black summer or Burgundy truffle is found growing wild throughout Europe. It is highly prized for its mild aroma and culinary value. Not actually black but rather a grey, the Burgundy truffle is more affordable and has somewhat lower quality flavour wise than the white or black varieties.

4. Pecan or Scorzone truffles can be found growing wild in the U.S. and, as its name implies, grows around pecan trees primarily in the southern U.S. Although they can be seen in gourmet restaurants selling for $100 a pound, the pecan truffle is not considered a delicacy by most connoisseurs of fine dining.

Why not experiment with white truffles in your cooking and buy truffle online when you want to treat yourself.