Hitting the hockey ball as best you can.

Field hockey is a deeply competitive non-contact sports game. It is played to rules similar to Football. You can pass the ball in any direction, you’re not allowed to foul someone by knocking them over or using the stick in an aggressive way. That is the real one big difference in the game, you have a stick. It is vitally important that you use the stick in the best way. This means dribbling the ball with it and also hitting it correctly and cleanly. One way to start would be to watch a lot of Hockey Training drills especially the ones about scoring. The last thing that you would want to do is to be faced with the responsibility of playing the penalty corner and not flicking or hitting the ball correctly to your teammates causing a storm of annoyance from them and an embarrassed look from you.

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So, how do you hit the ball correctly? It is an art that has perplexed players of the game since its (possible) creation in Egyptian times. Hitting the ball cleanly means speed power and accuracy. It all basically comes down to how you hold the stick and the situation you find yourself in. For example, in close play you will want to keep control of the ball. This means possibly looking for the short pass and retaining control of the ball is paramount. The objective here is the placement of your hands. Hold the stick further down the shaft and make sure that you are over the ball as much as possible. This will make tackling you harder but also give you the opportunity to flick the ball quickly out sides ways or forward to the supporting players.

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For a large pass or even a shot on goal the stance and position of the stick handling must be different. Previously the degree of power was less as the angle of the swing available was less. With holding the stick higher up you can swing it higher and fuller. The added force will propel the ball much further as the weight combined with the speed will give it strength.
In both cases following through the action is vital. Commit to the pass or shot whatever the distance and direction required. Stopping mid hit or tailing off the play after the ball is hit will mean it can go astray.

Why fruit and veg need cold storage

Unless they are stored correctly, fruits and vegetables tend to deteriorate quite quickly. For most fresh produce, cold storage is necessary to ensure it reaches the end consumer in perfect condition. Various factors such as origin and age can also be relevant when considering how your fruit and vegetables should be stored.

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Key benefits of commercial refrigeration

Immediately after harvesting, fresh produce will start to deteriorate and bacteria can begin to grow. Refrigeration in mini chillers or commercial cold rooms reduces the temperature so that the growth of bacteria and fungi is slowed and the food does not spoil.

Best storage practices

Fruit and vegetables should not be stored together. Ethylene is produced by most fruit as they ripen and this can cause changes in colour, flavour and texture. It can also affect nearby produce causing it to ripen more quickly. This can result in wastage of vegetables that are affected.

Cold storage, whether they are small chillers or commercial cold rooms, should not be overstocked as this can cause temperatures to rise and bacteria to grow. It is important that cool air from the fan can circulate freely.

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It is important to know the maturity and produce grading of any fruit and vegetables to be stored so that the best decisions on care and storage can be made.

Optimum storage temperatures

Different fruits and vegetables can need different temperatures but all cold storage units, such as those available at www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/cold-rooms/integrated-cold-rooms can provide a range of temperatures from -40°C to +10°C, so they are ideal for storing fruits and vegetables. Cool season produce usually need to be stored close to 0-2°C whilst tomatoes and cucumbers which ripen in warmer seasons are better stored at 7-10°C. There are variations between many fruits and vegetables, so each has to be assessed separately. On a domestic level, Good Housekeeping advises ripening fruit such as mangoes and apples on a countertop, but always refrigerate berries and citrus fruits.

Different types of cold storage

Refrigerated containers are available in many different sizes and are often portable so they can be used for transporting produce. For stocking and distributing frozen vegetables and fruit, blast freezers are a good solution. A mini version of these is also available. Cold rooms offer a hygienic area for food processing and for the storage of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Hcg Diet Recipes Food List!

Some of the food items related to hcg diet recipes that you can eat in breakfast, lunch and dinner are discussed in this article.

HCG is the known formula for weight loss adopted by majority of people facing obesity. HCG is given in the form of injection and drops and along with it is advised to follow hcg diet recipes. If proper diet is followed by injection then it can prove to be effective to your weight control activity. Understand one thing that hcg is prepared using natural sources and it is not nay drug. So you can consider using it for weight loss program but only after consulting your doctor.

HCG diet plan should be made for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here is an example of basic hcg diet recipes that you can follow:

Breakfast for HCG

Originally in hcg diet plan you are not suppose to eat fruit. But if required you can eat apple and skip eating fruit during lunch time. In breakfast you can have one cup of tea with milk and water. You can make use of one tablespoon of milk and water. You are not allowed to add sugar or cream. In place of tea you can also drink coffee.


You can select 100 gm of meat that can add protein to your diet. Select vegetable and you can cook it with meat with selected spices. This can make your diet food interesting. You are allowed to have one piece of Melba toast. In fruit you can eat orange, apple, grapefruit or strawberries. As main course of lunch you can select for example 100 gm of chicken with combination of carrot. In place of Melba toast you can also eat breadsticks.


Dinner is no different as compared to lunch. You can change the eatables but you need to have it in same proportion. For example you can have 100 gm of beef with combination of corn. You can eat it with breadstick or Melba toast. Eat on fruit of your choice. To cook main course for dinner you can use spices like basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary, etc. this can make dinner little interesting.

HCG diet recipes are no hard to cook. People find it boring to repetitively eat same style of food. You can change the combinations of food as much as you want but ensure that it does not affect the calorie count. Follow right exercises and yoga to gain better results for your weight loss plan.

HCG diet plan are proven way to lose weight but only when you follow it appropriately.

Home Delivery of Light Meal Choices

Healthy eating is not something I’m used to practicing. I lead a very fast paced life and am always on the go. I just never seem to have the time to prepare healthy meals at home and find myself eating out for nearly every meal of the day. This has affected my weight which I’m not very happy with. You see, I have gained almost 35 pounds in the last 12 months. My jeans are starting to get a little too snug for my liking. It is certainly time that I make some changes and start eating healthier.

One of my colleagues told me about a company she uses that delivers healthy meals to her home. This surprised me a bit and I now understand how she brings a variety of healthy meals for lunch every day. I figured it was at least worth looking into because her lunch always looks so delicious. Continue reading

Pub hopping in Delhi NCR

While a regular “dress well and visit a fancy pub” idea is all good and nice, the real excitement lies in pub-hopping with friends. It is more like setting on a self-created adventure with your dedicated gang of chums.

However, as you board this train in excitement, remember that with pub-hopping comes a few rules (tips rather) that you must not forego. It includes all those basics that will help make your ‘pub hopping’ a grand success. So, if you are ready, then read ahead –

Plan an itinerary

The idea behind pub-hopping is to explore new places, maximize fun, and add an extra gleam to parties all in one night. So, to successfully carry out a pub-hopping, you first need to chalk out a plan. It will include the details of all the pubs and joints you will be visiting and the things that you plan on doing when there.

Know what you want

Before you move forward with pub-hopping, you have to have a clear idea of what you want your experience to be like. You have to decide whether you wish to move forward with the classic dance, karaoke and drinks routine, having a few drinks and then heading for a dinner, or drink till you drop. Plan ahead.

Know you budget

To visit a pub that can burn a hole in your pocket isn’t a smart idea. Therefore, it is best to know your budget and research about the existing prices in the pubs you wish to visit. You can also check out for the latest offers available to save some valuable bucks.

Share the schedule with all

Once the schedule has been prepared, remember to share the same with everyone in your group. This way the chance of anyone being stranded at a particular stopover will be reduced.

Book a table

The first thing that would have come to your mind when reading it would have been “where’s the fun in that?!” However, booking a table prior to a visit might actually be a smart idea in Delhi NCR. There might be a good chance that the pub you are visiting is already packed with people, who just like you, must have flocked there to have a nice time. Pre-booking will also save you of the hassles of having to queue for a table to get freed.

Plan a game

Planning games to spark up the entire pub-hopping experience is nothing new. You can either follow some of the old classics or plan a new game of your own. Treasure hunt, bingo cards, photo challenges, monopoly and pub poker are some of the many games you can try out on your next pub-hop.

Don’t start early

If you are out to enjoy a fun-filled night with your friends, it is important that you do not race to the boozing zone. Keep this in mind if you plan on covering a good number of pubs. The consequences of early and excessive boozing, even for an experienced drinker, can be unpredictable.

Do not drink and drive

Drinking and driving is not only an offence but also a foolish act. When drunk, you lose control of your senses. Besides, drunk driving is not just dangerous for those on the streets but also the driver. Again, getting held up for drunk driving, or getting into other sorry incidents can mean a bad end to your night.

While you can make plans based on what you or your friends’ preferences are, let us get you started with this pub-hopping list consisting of some of the coolest pubs in Connaught Place:

Drinks ahoy, mates!