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8 Tips on Traveling With a Dementia Patient

Today, there are about 16 million people in the U.S. caring for a family member suffering from Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. Occasionally, it becomes necessary to take a trip, whether to the doctor’s office or across the country. It can be challenging, to say the least.

Here are a few tips that might help make the trip easier and less stressful for everyone. Organization is key.

1. Keep important documents with you

Your document packet could include:

  • Emergency contacts including phone numbers of people living at the destination address
  • Names and phone numbers of everyone in the travel group
  • A list of all current medications, supplements and dosages
  • Any food or medication allergies
  • Physician’s name and contact information
  • Travel itinerary – keep one and give copies to family and friends; include flight numbers, hotel reservations and any useful information
  • Insurance information
  • Copy of living will and medical power of attorney
  • Copy of guardianship documents

2. Identification bracelet

Many dementia patents wander. An ID bracelet is preferable, but if not available put their name and your phone number on their clothing and in their wallet. Include a list of medical conditions.

3. Bring some familiar items

New surroundings are confusing, so bring a few favorite items from home. Try to maintain the same routine as much as possible.

4. Talk to the airline ahead of time

Rules and restrictions keep changing, so discuss the situation ahead of time. Try to avoid connecting flights and layovers. Arranging for a wheelchair can simplify getting to the gate. You may be able to pre-board.

5. Try to restrict travel time to four hours or less

For longer trips, have two caregivers. Bring photos or other items to occupy your loved one during the trip.

6. A hotel may be easier than staying with relatives

A hotel room can provide a calm respite from too much busyness. Inform the hotel staff in advance of any special needs.

7. Be realistic

Allow extra time at each stage of the trip. Be realistic as to expectations. Bring a lot of patience.

8. Hire a medical transport service

It you expect the trip to be very difficult, a medical transport service could be the answer for either ground or air travel. Many will allow one caretaker to travel.

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Take Charge of Your Body with the Right Resource

A new year has arrived and millions of people have made a resolution to get healthy. However, according to Forbes, only 8% of people that make a new year resolution actually follow through with it! One issue that many people face is a lack of motivation to continue on after their initial push. That’s why it’s important to have a support system in place to make keeping a resolution a bit easier. For someone without friends who need or want to lose weight or get fit, this can be an issue. That’s why sites like were created.

Yuri Elkaim created his own site to help people with a single resource for getting fit and eating right. This site offers a number of different articles targeted at different areas where people tend to fail when they resolve to get fit.

For example, there are texts on how having a healthy mind will lead to maintaining a healthy body. Some of the suggestions from this source include maintaining a mood log to see how the foods someone eats impacts the way that they feel. Feeling bad generally leads to poor eating or an inability to get the motivation or the energy to exercise. Feeling good leads to more activity, which leads to being more fit.

Another important resource on this site includes food plans. It can be a pain to traverse the web trying to find healthy recipes. There are plenty out there, but it can take visiting dozens of sites and reading through hundreds of recipes to find the ones that meet the right criteria. Yuri provides recipes for different goals as well as for different types of eaters. For example, vegans will find recipes just for them that allows them to get the protein they need on a total non-animal diet.

Naturally, there are plenty of exercises to be found as well. From burning fat to building muscle, there’s no shortage of information to help anyone who wants to get into to shape the means to do just that.

If you’ve struggled with getting fit in the past, maybe you need a boost from a new resource. Check out what Yuri Elkaim has to offer to those that want to change their life for the better. It’s free, and it’s easily accessible. It may be just what you need to change for the better.