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Why You Need to Consider Employee Recognition in Your Institution

Basic psychology has it that rewarding any individual or animal tends to make the individual or animal in question get motivated to do what it has been doing. With that in mind, it would be wise for one to consider rewarding his or her staff any time they work exemplary. In a case where one rewards an employee, he or she tends to increase the chances of having the employee repeat the behavior in question.

Among the aspects recognition goes with include business result, the employee behavior towards work as well as the attitude the employee has toward work. One would need to make sure that whenever the business in question achieves beyond the normal expectations, he or she rewards the employees. One would need to know that appreciation tends to be one of the fundamental human needs and hence the need to reward the employees. One would need to know that once the employee is well rewarded, he or she tends to increase his or her chances of working even harder. As a matter of facts, the more employees are appreciated within the right time, the higher the chances that they are likely to deliver credible results. One would also need to note that a person continuation or avoidance of a given behavior depends on how other people in his or her environment perceive the behavior in question. One would need to note that the correctness or incorrectness of a behavior depends on the collective performance of a given environment.

It would be modest to always appreciate the employees. It would be essential to consider rewarding the employee at the right time. It would be essential to note that the employer ought to be in the receptive frame to reward the employee at the right time. It is very common for most organization not to reward their employees when need be. There also tend to be the need to physically reward the employee with the intent of making them feel better about their work. The best performing organization tend to have employees who appreciate recognition from the management. Some of the organization tend to rewards their employees on weekly basis and tend to do it on timely basis to make employees celebrate their most recent achievements.

One of the top benefits include the fact that employee recognition tends to increase individual productivity at the organizational level. The other benefit is that the positive employee behavior tends to come with greater employee satisfaction. In most cases, both the rewarded employees and the employees coveting the reward tends to work even harder leading to direct performance feedback. Recognition towards the employees also tend to increase the loyalty and satisfaction among the customers as the employees tend to extend the positive energy to the employees. One would also need to note that employee recognition tends to come with improved teamwork. The instances of job-related stress and absenteeism tends to reduce greatly the moment one rewards the employees.

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