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A Guide to Small Business Loans

Starting your small business can be a dream come true but to get there there are a lot of things you need to take care of. You will need financing to get your small business running but the key is to understanding what kind of loan you need before you can start looking. The money that you are borrowing could be for capital, to enable you take advantage of an emergency business opportunity or even to acquire equipment for work. For the longest time people resort to commercial banks when it comes to seeking loan to help them with business. Banks provide you with the most ideal business loans that come with manageable interest rates.

As suitable as they may be for you many people fail to realize that it can be quite difficult to get approved. If you do your research you will come to realize that small business loans have more strict measures in comparison if you were getting financing for your business through other means. The banker will need to see good credit scores from you, some assets that can be used to secure your loan with some lenders, some experience in business and finally they want you to show them that they will not be taking a risk with you when they give you their money.

However it’s not all the times that you are in a position to meet all the five Cs which are character, collateral , capital, capacity and conditions and that will mean that the bank will decline your request but that is not the end for you. There are many other places to get financing for your businesses when the bank option hits the rocks, sufficient in number actually. Consider checking if you can qualify for an SBA loan , these loans are not offered by the government as some people believe, they are offered by standard commercial banks and the government guarantees a percentage of them in case the person who has applied for the loan defaults.

Factoring is another option to finance business capital if a lot of your money is held up in accounts receivables. Factoring companies will buy the accounts at a discount but you can be sure that they will pay you cash immediately you reach an understanding. If you are operating a business that needs equipment to run you need to think of ways to acquire what you need without breaking the bank of a young business. In such a situation you are better of leasing the equipment that you need because you could cripple the business if you opted to buy outright. Equipment lease is when the lender buys the equipment and lends it to you at a specified rate for a period of time.

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