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The Best Way to Lose Weight for those Suffering from Hypothyroidism

The process of losing weight can become unbearable if you do not see any results. This is usually the first thing that comes with having thyroid gland problems. Statistics show there is a huge number of people with thyroid problems. In case you are among them, you need to learn more about it and how you best you can lose weight.
Hypothyroidism covers your failure to produce the thyroid hormone, also known as thyroxin. This hormone regulates human metabolism. In case it is low, your metabolism will also be low. Weight gain thus becomes the result. It has been seen to catch women more than men, and can happen at any age.

This condition comes about due to certain factors. Autoimmune or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is as a result of the antibodies attacking the thyroid and killing its cells, which makes the gland inflamed. It then gives off less thyroxin. The thyroid may have also been interfered with surgically. This makes it unable to produce the necessary thyroxin levels. When the pituitary is also not working right, and this becomes the result. It is responsible for the production of the thyroid stimulating hormone.

Hypothyroidism often comes with symptoms such as a swollen thyroid gland, fatigue, heavy or irregular periods, slow heart rate, weight gain, difficulty in losing the weight, dry skin and hair, memory loss, constipation, decreased libido, to name a few. These symptoms can be seen due to the fact that thyroid function affects the liver, muscles, brain, digestive tract, bones, heart as well as skin. You thus need to see a doctor the moment you see any of these signs. Once it is established you have it, you shall be subjected to an oral thyroid hormone prescription.

The fact that the hormonal imbalances may have subsided does not mean the weight will have also gone. You now have the chance to lose it normally. Your body shall no longer sabotage your efforts. You will also have to pay attention to your diet. Here are the areas you need to review going forth.

You diet needs to be stripped of inflammation-causing foods. Those are known to make autoimmune conditions terrible. Examples are foods rich in gluten, gluten itself, legumes, and soy.

You should stay away from processed foods and fast foods. Those shall only lead to more inflammation, as they give you almost no nutrition.

The same goes for sugar and bad fats.

You should encourage your body to use up the stored fats for fuel by limiting your carbs intake. You should be careful not to lower your metabolic rate in the process.

Ensure there is enough iodine, selenium, and vitamin D in your food. These are critical in the thyroxin making process.

You need to also stick to a regular exercise schedule.

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