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Pub hopping in Delhi NCR

While a regular “dress well and visit a fancy pub” idea is all good and nice, the real excitement lies in pub-hopping with friends. It is more like setting on a self-created adventure with your dedicated gang of chums.

However, as you board this train in excitement, remember that with pub-hopping comes a few rules (tips rather) that you must not forego. It includes all those basics that will help make your ‘pub hopping’ a grand success. So, if you are ready, then read ahead –

Plan an itinerary

The idea behind pub-hopping is to explore new places, maximize fun, and add an extra gleam to parties all in one night. So, to successfully carry out a pub-hopping, you first need to chalk out a plan. It will include the details of all the pubs and joints you will be visiting and the things that you plan on doing when there.

Know what you want

Before you move forward with pub-hopping, you have to have a clear idea of what you want your experience to be like. You have to decide whether you wish to move forward with the classic dance, karaoke and drinks routine, having a few drinks and then heading for a dinner, or drink till you drop. Plan ahead.

Know you budget

To visit a pub that can burn a hole in your pocket isn’t a smart idea. Therefore, it is best to know your budget and research about the existing prices in the pubs you wish to visit. You can also check out for the latest offers available to save some valuable bucks.

Share the schedule with all

Once the schedule has been prepared, remember to share the same with everyone in your group. This way the chance of anyone being stranded at a particular stopover will be reduced.

Book a table

The first thing that would have come to your mind when reading it would have been “where’s the fun in that?!” However, booking a table prior to a visit might actually be a smart idea in Delhi NCR. There might be a good chance that the pub you are visiting is already packed with people, who just like you, must have flocked there to have a nice time. Pre-booking will also save you of the hassles of having to queue for a table to get freed.

Plan a game

Planning games to spark up the entire pub-hopping experience is nothing new. You can either follow some of the old classics or plan a new game of your own. Treasure hunt, bingo cards, photo challenges, monopoly and pub poker are some of the many games you can try out on your next pub-hop.

Don’t start early

If you are out to enjoy a fun-filled night with your friends, it is important that you do not race to the boozing zone. Keep this in mind if you plan on covering a good number of pubs. The consequences of early and excessive boozing, even for an experienced drinker, can be unpredictable.

Do not drink and drive

Drinking and driving is not only an offence but also a foolish act. When drunk, you lose control of your senses. Besides, drunk driving is not just dangerous for those on the streets but also the driver. Again, getting held up for drunk driving, or getting into other sorry incidents can mean a bad end to your night.

While you can make plans based on what you or your friends’ preferences are, let us get you started with this pub-hopping list consisting of some of the coolest pubs in Connaught Place:

Drinks ahoy, mates!

What To Look For In A Quality Bicycle

Like most things in the modern world, the design and technology of the common bicycle has undergone a revolution in the last twenty years. During the 1970s, when multi-speed bikes exploded onto the marketplace, they were thought to be state-of-the-art. But those bikes were still made just like every other bike, with the same steel frame as every other bike available in that time. And they were designed and built much the same way as bicycles had been for more than a century.

Bicycle design and construction has been affected by the development of new lightweight materials. Modern models available from Diamondback Mountain Bicycles and other manufacturers weigh in at just under 24 pounds. This has been made possible with the use of aluminum and carbon fiber for the frame and front forks. The combination makes for less muscular effort while pedaling and greater road stability. The latter quality is made possible by the flexibility of the carbon fiber components which flex and absorb road vibration far more efficiently than was ever possible with metal frame bikes.

Other improvements in bicycle design tackled the problem of aerodynamic configuration. This includes not just the frame but also the shape the rider assumes while mounted. The aerodynamic qualities of a bicycle and rider are just as important a factor as the overall weight in pedaling efficiency to achieve maximum performance for minimum effort. This makes a big difference when it comes to long-distance riding, and is a boon for entry-level cyclists.

In the 1970s, the ten-speed bike was a big deal. It also had some common mechanical problems which plagued cyclists on a regular basis, of which the misalignment of the chain while shifting was but one annoyance needing constant attention. Today’s performance bikes, even at the level of a starter bike, sport up to 24 gears and a vastly improved drivetrain design which allows for far smoother shifting and transition between gears. The result is easy power transfer from long-distance cruising to speed cycling to climbing up hills. These improvements are the result of a combination of mechanical design evolution and detailed study of human kinematics. Together, the result has created a drivetrain system which requires no more effort to drive the bicycle than running a simple single-speed bike across a flat surface regardless of the terrain or the slope of the road.