Tips for Moving Old Keepsakes and Clothing into Storage

Often, when people don’t have space in their home to keep all of their belongings, they put them in storage. This is the best option when the items are family heirlooms or have sentimental value and selling or giving them away isn’t an option. There are plenty of storage units available today and most have the same basic features. There are some things that set one facility apart from others and make it a better choice.


The best facilities for moving old keepsakes and clothing into storage are secure. Regardless of the monetary value of the items in the unit, a customer should feel confident the facility can keep their property safe. The safest facilities offer 24 hour surveillance and a keypad that allows customers to access their property around the clock. This ensures that anything a person puts inside their storage unit will be there when the return to retrieve it.

Climate Control

Some things that people need to put in storage can be damaged by extreme heat or cold. The best facilities offer climate controlled units that protect belonging from extreme temperature changes. Some of the things that might benefit from being in this kind of unit are electronics, leather clothing and important documents. While these units tend to cost a little more than traditional storage units, the increase in cost is definitely worth the investment for sensitive items.


Dim or dark areas are havens for criminals. The best storage facilities are well-lit to offer additional security for their customers. Sometimes a customer needs to access their storage unit after dark and when they do, they should feel safe while they are there. Each unit should have a working light so anyone who wants to access their unit in the evening. This type of lighting will help people get in and out of their unit quickly.

Asking a few simple questions can help a person find the right unit for them. It’s important to tour a few facilities before signing a contract for any storage unit. This will ensure customers don’t have to move out because they aren’t satisfied with the service.