Making the Transition to Freelance Work as Smooth and Productive as Possible

More people than ever are working for themselves, and that can be a rewarding option. Freelancers, consultants, and others who forgo traditional forms of employment often enjoy plenty of freedom and self-determination, as a result. On the other hand, making the switch from full-time employment for someone else to freelancing can also be challenging. Many discover that the lack of built-in structure and oversight means needing to make up for these deficits in other ways. Fortunately, there are some good tactics for ensuring that this style of making a living will be as rewarding as possible.

A new article at, for example, includes ten tips that can help freelance workers make the most of their careers. The top tip among the collection is likely one that will help many freelancers, as it addresses an extremely common complaint: With the nine to five structure typical of many workplaces no longer around to be relied upon, many discover that it can be difficult to establish the necessary kinds of boundaries.

As the author of the article notes, however, all that it typically takes is the development of habits that correspond with a healthy, balanced approach to work and free time. While a freelancer might need to be more flexible than the average officer worker in terms of hours, this is not to say that work must become a constant preoccupation. Simply refusing to address routine issues that crop up in the off hours will often make for a good start toward a more enjoyable, sustainable style of life as a freelance worker.

How a person fills that free time tends to be important, as well. Even more so than those who enjoy more regular schedules and greater job security, freelance workers often need to attend very carefully to diet, exercise, and other requirements. Because of the way that schedules and boundaries can so easily blur for a freelancer worker, it can be easy to lapse into bad habits regarding these needs and others. Instead, the Smashing Hub writer points out, it will typically make much more sense to treat these responsibilities with every bit as much respect as is granted to work itself.