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How to Find Premium Tea Brands Premium sounds like a very fancy and high quality word, but in reality when you use it to describe tea it can be very subjective. Tea companies out there can just grab a label and slap it on their expensive tea products, but since there is no universal measurement for premium products as agreed upon by manufacturers, the word premium is basically meaningless. Because of the sheer diversity of green tea, various tea enthusiasts and experts don’t agree upon a single kind of tea to take the title of ‘best green tea’; the mentioned people are undecided, these are well informed people too. There are a lot of reasons as to why people go on the hunt for the best tea; to serve in their establishment, to give as a special gift for a tea lover, to purchase as something they can personally enjoy while relaxing or just for the taste of it and health benefits that come along. Regardless of the reason why you’re searching for the best tea, you need to take into account some factors. Start Off with Big Tea Brands or Tea Manufacturers the Focus on Loose-Leaf Green Tea
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When you do a survey involving Americans and how they drink tea, you’ll discover that most of them drink tea from tea bags. Of course there are tons of top quality tea sold in packaged tea bags, but the best ones are those sold in loose leaf form.
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Take note that when you purchase any tea bags then you’re not only paying for the tea itself but for the overall industrial packaging process; this includes the energy, machinery and materials used in making the finished products. Unlike when you purchase loose leaf tea, you’re technically only paying for the production and minimal process on the tea leaves; with loose tea leaves, you’re actually paying mainly for the quality and flavor of the product. Single-Region and Single-Harvest Teas of Named Varieties are Better A lot of the time, teas with the label ‘green tea’ is a special mix of various kinds, harvests and regions. All thanks to the numerous regions, varieties and harvests, the final product contains a unique flavor and aroma. Tea blending is not unheard of, it’s a process that has been used before; unfortunately it’s mainly used to blend various tea leaves in order to mass produce the blends, these mass produced blends are of low quality and can be bought in the market for the lowest possible price offered. Top quality green tea states the harvest date, name of the garden or estate and region in the label.